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2018 M2 Compact & Ultra Bright LED Headlights Review Guide

6,540 Published by Ava 12 13,2018

This is our new M2 LED Headlight series launched on November 2018. Its single beam housing with 2 pics CR CSP led chip while the dual beam housing with 4 pics leds, M2 led headlight kit can reach 6000 Lumen output. With an advanced dynamic design, high counterclockwise and low vibration of the fan, the M2 LED Headlight to work out the issue of noise in a safe situation.


The bulb of M2 used 6003 Aluminum alloy, and bulb body is integrated by the hot-pressing process for better heat dissipation. And it is using double layer copper PCB which provides a good heat dissipation. Because of the high adhesion between the double layer copper PCB, it is beneficial to the heat dissipation and extends the lifespan of LEDs, the LED chips would not burn out easily.


H4 led headlight


All in one style, the length of the bulb body is 77mm, the width of the heat sink is 31mm. The compact bulb body is close to the halogen bulb size

LED Bulb Operating Temperature Testing

Testing the led bulb with 13.5-volt power supplied for 30 minutes and the room temperature is 18 degrees, the led bulb surface temperature is as below:


The dual beam


The single beam


The operating temperature of the single beam and the dual beam led chips are both keep at about 110 degrees, the junction temperature of CR LED is 145 degrees, the operating temperature isn’t higher than the junction temperature and was kept in a stable range.

Light Beam pattern testing

We test with the reflector in 4 meters from the wall. And take the photo by SLR camera in setting ISO: 100, Shutter Speed: 10, Exposure: 10. Get the beam pattern image as below.


H4 led headlight
The dual beam


H7 led headlight
The single beam


As we test the illuminance distribution of an M2 LED H4 led headlight bulb (low beam) according to ECE standard, it has 2356 Lux on the 75R center point; an M2 LED H7 led headlight bulb (low beam) according to ECE standard, it has 1251 Lux on the 75R center point.


The M2 LED Headlight bulb emits a standard light beam pattern with a flat cutoff line while installing in the reflector.



Standard beam pattern
Compact bulb body

Doesn’t perform well in the projector