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SUZUKI Swift Install with LED Backup Light Solution

3,331 Published by Ava 11 29,2018

Suzuki Swift has a wider front and rear track and with more standard features in return for driving. Some guys prefer to upgrade reserve light into LEDs with their Suzuki Swift. It is a matter of personal preference. One thing for sure is that LEDs are much brighter than factory light, even the rear lights. You will not worried about cars and how the reverse lights “blink-on” in a moment when shifting into drive from park. This series LEDs designed with a built-in resistor and fit the OBC system that you can easily plug and play this bulb with your screwdriver.



This Suzuki Swift has upgraded a series of LED reserve lights of W16W led bulb. It is with bright and white light penetration. Backup light is an important part of the automobile rear light; all vehicles are wanted to possess them. If cars do not have sufficient backup lights in the evening, another car behind it might not exactly see the reserving vehicle. It might cause an automobile rear-end collision accident. This led reserve lights preserve the car safe throughout the night and it illuminates a long distance when there’s fog during winter. Getting a functioning backup light is significant.


Retrofitting LED headlight bulb, its light beam needs to compy to the DOT standard. Avoiding retrofitting LEDs without choosing a good quality bulb, the following might cause a dazzling oncoming traffic accident. Safety driving is more important than everything. If you want to upgrade LED automotive bulb, you can contact us to know more about LED knowledge, we are willing to answer your question.

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