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Start from 7 people trading company, grow to own 3 factories, own more than 20 sets of CNC machines, with 10 engineers in R&D department, 29 staff in marketing center. Now we have almost 10 years experience on 12 volt led car lights and 24 volt led truck lights, from HID to LED, can be your reliable adviser to whom new to this market.


Super Canbus LED Turn Signal Light Fix Hyper Flash Issue

Over the years, there have been customers’ feedbacks on the market, demand for a plug and play led turn signal light to upgrade their factory halogen headlight. But most of led turn signal light in the market need to match with a resistor so that it can reach the power level of factory halogen bulb. It is inconvenient to install a resistor as well as unsafe because the operating temperature of the

Upgrade Halogen Headlight to LED in VW Golf, We have the Best Solution

We have a VW GOLF which is used for taking led bulbs installation video. When we tried to upgrade the halogen headlight to LED, we found that it was very hard to install the led headlight on. The reasons are as below: The power supplied structure of headlight bulb in this vehicle is very special. Unlike the normal H7 bulb which will connect to an H7 base plug, the H7 bulb in VW Golf will get powe

Custom OEM SPH19W 8E14LH LED Bulb for Mercedes Turn Signal Light

There are some Mercedes vehicles using SPH19W 8E14LH halogen bulbs for turn signal light. But, there is not available SPH19W led bulb on the market for customers to upgrade or replace their OEM SPH19W bulb. One of our clients contacted us and said that he gets some inquiries from his customers asking for a led SPH19W bulb., he couldn’t find this kind of product and hoped we could custom one for h

Custom Automotive 12 Volt Led Lights, H2 Led Bulb

This was an inquiry from our client, asking us for an H2 base Led bulb. He was looking for H2 base led bulb used on 12V automotive. And as what he said, he has contacted many suppliers, but nobody had this kind of h2 led bulb. So he wished if we could help him to develop an H2 base led bulb with detailed specification. As the custom car led lights company, we were willing to take this project. We

2 in 1 Led headlight Canbus Wiring Successful Innovation

Many customers have left a message on our website and Facebook, saying that they met some Canbus problems when upgrading led headlight in the cars, such as BMW Mini Copper, Dodge RAM, some of Chevy models. And they tried to fix the problem by decoder or resistor, Some were successful, some failed. This issue has attracted our attention, we began to think, if we make a product with built-in resisto

6V Start-Up LED Headlight, Functional Integration of 12V LED Headlight and 6V LED DRL

Before developing the led headlight with 6V DRL technology, we have received many of our customers complain, saying our LED headlight product did not meet their market’s requirement. The headlights in the car are also used as DRL when they replace with our LED headlight bulb, the function of DRL disappeared. When collecting customer feedbacks, we found that the issue has mainly occurred in the Ca


Led Bulb CE Certificate Led Headlight CE Certificate Led Headlight RoHSCertificate

Factory strength

Based on our strong R&D ability, we made over 40 OEM &ODM brands to customers from over 70 countries. Most customers have over 3 years partnership with us, because we offer not just product but also solution. Contact us for OEM 12V led car lights and 24V led truck lights.


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Are M3 Halogen Size Led Headlight Bulbs worth buying? (Test & Review 2019)

M3 led headlight was launched on March 2019. it is a high performance led headlight with High-speed turbo fan, the high beam led bulb is housing with 12 pcs Lumileds ZES chip and low beam led bulb has 6 pcs of Lumileds ZES chip. The maximum light output of M3 led bulb can reach 5000 lumens (a set of led headlight). Its appearance is close to the halogen bulb. M3 series bulb is housing on a 1.

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What is a good headlight beam pattern? (DOT/ECE)

Standards for Headlight Beam Patterns — edited by Kevin   This article will discuss headlight beam patterns and the standards that agencies such as ECE/DOT require. The following points will be addressed to help gain a better understanding:   1. What does the original ECE front headlight testing graphic look like? 2. The original ECE front headlight testing graphic combine with dri

2019-01-24 views 32,623

2018 M2 Compact & Ultra Bright LED Headlights Review Guide

This is our new M2 LED Headlight series launched on November 2018. Its single beam housing with 2 pics CR CSP led chip while the dual beam housing with 4 pics leds, M2 led headlight kit can reach 6000 Lumen output. With an advanced dynamic design, high counterclockwise and low vibration of the fan, the M2 LED Headlight to work out the issue of noise in a safe situation.   The bulb of M2 used

2018-12-13 views 6,719

Are F2 LED Headlights Worth buying? (Test & Review 2018)

F2 led headlight was launched on September 2017. it is a high performance led headlight with fan, the double beam led bulb are designed with 4 CR CSP led chips while single beam led bulb has 2 pcs of CR CSP LEDs. The maximum light output of F2 led bulb can reach 6000 lumens.   The F2 bulb is housing one PCB board in middle with opposing LEDs on two sides that decrease the distance between two

2018-10-26 views 11,109

Blade Led Headlight Test Report

This is Blade led headlight which was launched on May 2018. Its double beam led bulb was designed with 24 pcs of SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED CHIPS, while the single beam led bulb was designed with 12 pcs of SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED CHIPS. Take the H11 led bulb single beam as an example, its length is 87.3mm, the width of its heat sink is 32mm. For the bulb body part, the length is 41.9mm and the width is &n

2018-10-18 views 5,803

Fiberglass PCB vs. Aluminum PCB vs. Copper base PCB vs. Ceramic PCB

For the PCB boards now in application to LED headlight, there are mainly four kind of materials, Fiberglass(FR4) PCB, Aluminum PCB, Copper PCB and Ceramic PCB. It is a good deal to understand the distinctions for these four types PCB. Which PCB you choose depends on the circuit design construction of the headlight. FR4 vs. Aluminum PCB   Price Comparison In the cost comparison, the Aluminum

2018-10-17 views 10,300
the best led headlight bulbs

Best Led Headlights: How to Find A Good Bulb?

In this post, we will introduce to you the methods to select the best led headlights with fan or without fan from the engineer view, by analyzing what is important to a led headlight bulb, telling the methods to test the led headlight and get a conclusion from the data. And also mentioned what other factors are related to the quality of led headlight bulbs. After reading our post and follow our st

2018-10-09 views 19,290
Philips G7 led headlight

Genuine G7 PK Fake G7 – How to Reduce Product Cost?

I think many people will meet this situation while shopping two similar products but with a great difference on is hard to make a choice for you, because you want to purchase the cheaper one but also worry about its quality as well. It is saying that you get what you pay. This is the best description of the current electronic products industry condition in China. Even high-value product

2018-09-30 views 5,768
Philips G7 led headlight

How to Identify Genuine G7 or Fake G7 LED Headlight Conversion Kit?

Dear Our Esteem Clients, Recently we found that there is a counterfeit G7 LED headlight sold in the market. Whatever on appearance or packaging, they just totally copy our G7 LED headlight without any creation. We can not allow this happened and have requested our lawyer to suit this company. In order to avoid the situation that our esteem clients buy the fake products and cause any loss. We write

2018-09-30 views 6,555

How to Select the LED Projector Headlight Bulb? (2018 Upgrade)

We are all looking for a led headlight bulb that could produce strong hotspot, a perfect distribution of light and crisp cut-off line in xenon projector. But the inner structure of xenon projector is designed according to the focal length of the HID bulb. That means we gotta find a led headlight with similar focal length to HID bulb that most light from LED can be thrown down the road. In this art

2018-08-23 views 42,873