LedoAuto is committed to continually evolving to meet the needs of our customers, just as we’ve done for the past 10 years. Today, we manufacture LED headlight conversion kit, led fog light bulbs and led bulbs for car interior and exterior.


 Our Advantage



The Core Competence


In 2018, Ledo possesses three manufacture workshop, over 300 skillful employees, 16 operating production line for the led headlight and 4 operating production line for the led bulb. From HID to LED, we understand we need to remain focused on developing innovative and high-quality automotive lighting, which is our core competence. And we need to constantly explore new and emerging technologies with the goal of providing better performance for our OEM and aftermarket customer.



Automation is the backbone of our manufacturing.


Each of our automation lines includes laser, etch solder stenciling component pick-and-place and reflow soldering, the end of each of those assembly lines uses automated optical inspection to inspect every component in every solder joint on every assembly we produce.  We achieve a high precision, low defective rate on our full production process.



Independent R&D Team & Tech


  • Our team sparkles.


We are honored to have several engineer experts who are experienced in some special fields, such as optics, mechanics, and quantum electronics. We work as one, bringing in a lot of ideas and tries which eventurally become our products of pride.


  • You can’t make bricks without straw.


Advanced research facilities are of great importance to keep us rolling. Therefore, a complete testing and measuring system has been introduced for years to support our work. Now we have lumen test equipments such as spectroradiometer, integrating sphere, and goniophotometer. And we have endurance test equipments such as constant temperature & humidity chamber, salt spray test chamber, high temperature aging chamber.


Technically speaking, our investment on growth is heavy, with which a tiny workshop can not be compared.
We do different to make you different.




Standard Warranty Policy and Procedure


We give each product a dedicated barcode and record its production data into the system. For the broken led bulbs, we are able to check the barcode and promise to ship you the new led bulbs for replacement under warranty.



The Benefit to Online Shop Owner




  • We are free to offer fine PIX for SKU display pages,  saving your time and money;


  • Monthly update of latest and most-likely best-selling products;


  • Offer which-is-right advise to you on selecting products, getting high score reviews on your store or website.




The Benefit to Wholesale Distributor




  • We will offer dedicated products to you for avoiding the price war against your competitors;


  • Restock fast, reduce financing pressure;


  • Achieve O2O commerce, you will get support to expand your local market.



OEM and ODM Services


If you had a private brand, you can get complete OEM/ODM service on product and package. Guarantee the exclusivity of your branded products.