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Can a LED Headlight Bulb Reach to 10000 lumen?

Well, car led headlight bulb is very popular now. Most people tend to choose LED instead of traditional halogen bulbs when they are going to buy a replacement car light bulb. But there is a puzzle, how bright a led light bulb can be? If you search “LED headlight bulbs” on Amazon, you’ll get thousands of search results. Those led headlight bulbs on amazon are claimed that they can output 15000 lumens or even over 20000 lumens. That is super bright stuff, you know, a Philips h11 halogen bulb may have only 1800 lumen output. Can a Led headlight have 6 times brighter or even 10 times brighter than a halogen bulb? We gotta investigate it. We get to start from Lumileds Luxeon ZES LED. LUXEON ZES is a high-power 1.6mm x 2.0mm LED that is widely applicated to car headlamps and bike lamps. The early car LED headlight bulbs all used LUXEON ZES LEDs. Later, with the increase of competition and the decline of sales prices, new led headlights began to use some Chinese-mad...

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2019 Super Intelligence Led Headlight Decoder

The LED bulb power usually is much lower than halogen bulb, so there is a decoder used to help LED bulb to avoid system detection in a CAN-bus vehicle. For many car owners, they do not know which kind of decoder match for the system, they have to try them one by one. There are three types of led headlight decoder: electronic decoder, programming decoder and resistor. As for various types of CAN-bus units in the current market, the passing rate of the CAN-bus system is 70-90%. However, there is still some issue the decoder cannot work out completely.   Types of existing decoders   – Electronic decoder Electronic decoder use capacitance to solve the defection by storing and releasing pulse current. The capacitance varies from 10000UF to 20000UF. The higher the capacitance gets, the higher the probability passing rate will be. Most of the electronic decoder has a 70% passing rate. But higher capacity it has, the higher pulse current it creates, this pulsed current can ...

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Insurance Group Improve Headlight Standard (New test)

There is an interesting incident, we always feel that the road seems dark to our field of vision driving on road, what’s wrong with that? It might blame to your headlights for the new headlight test. In common cases, while driving on dark or on lonely two-lane roads, which most often shared with bear, deer and moose, a factory headlight cannot emit enough lighting the emergencies on the side roads to remind the car owner in advance.   For example, the Toyota RAV4 2005 to 2016 models, use an Electric Power Steering (EPS) system, but its headlight, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the best RAV4 headlights, even for the 2016 models are still only the qualified headlight that not fit the rules entirely.   However, not only the RAV4 did not up to the rules, dozens of vehicles headlights have been tested, include small S.U.V.s and midsize cars, only one headlight rated “good”. That is 2016 Toyota Prius V, the best others just were merely...

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How to Choose a Projector Headlight Bulb for Your Vehicle?

In this article, we will discuss how to choose an appropriate LED headlight bulb for the projector in low beam. The following points will be helpful for a better understanding:   1.The structure introduction of the xenon projector 2.The Refraction of Light inside the xenon projector 3.Test for different types of LED bulb   How do we define an appropriate projector LED headlight bulb? That means how do we choose a led headlight bulb for a xenon projector in a proper way. Most people prefer bright and uniform light with a plat beam pattern emits from a xenon projector.   Even some people have brought very bright led headlight bulb in the aftermarket for their projector, but they feeling not that bright while driving after they installed it, because the light output did not perform well or emit enough brightness for driving for some reasons. So what’s wrong with that result caused?     Disassemble of the xenon projector structure   Before explaining that ...

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