Published by Ava07 27,2018

What is Lumen

Maybe we will notice that the LED headlight have a lumen value. But most of us do not realize it. What is lumen? Does it a value to judge whether a headlamp is good or not? I believe most of us would like to know the answer. Now, let’s take a deep closer to lumen. Lighting lamps are commonly labeled with their light output in lumens. It is said that an energy-efficient bulb claims to be 60 W which tungsten bulb must have a minimum light output of 700–750 lm. Obviously, lumen is a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Now we have a simple concept of lumen. It is a measurement to evaluate the brightness of light bulbs. Normally one LED headlight bulb could reach around 3000lms or higher. This is a stable measurement of light output. It will not vary as LED light bulbs continue to get brighter and more efficient. Because of the special factor of lumen, the replacement of LED bulbs can improve custom headlights, tail lights and fog lights. It will boost yo...

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Published by admin10 22,2017

Led Headlight Kit Solution On The 120th Canton Fair

The 120th Canton Fair — Ledoauto displayed its most advanced Led headlight technology to share and communicate with each purchaser and manufacturer all over the world.   Simulation-based on 3D tech Welcome to visit LedoAuto at the 120th Canton Fair. We are showing you our led bulb with fluorescent simulation based on 3D tech. This is a complete solution of automotive led. Unlike other bulbs on the market, this series of 3D led bulb has 3D led chip under fluorescent cover. The lighting is crisp and soft, bright but not glare. They are built with constant-current inductive circuitry, along with transient suppression. While more expensive than simple bulbs, this allows fluorescent simulation 3D LED bulb to last for years. Anti-flickering Another tech on this led bulb is anti-flickering. Super-capacitors are built-in bulb to mimic the way the factory incandescent bulb behaves. While installation, fluorescent simulation 3D LED bulb can directly replace to factory incandesce...

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Published by admin11 10,2016

LedoAuto Product at 2016 Automechanika Shanghai Fair

Hello guys, Welcome to visit LedoAuto at 2016 Automechanika Shanghai Fair here. G7 and G7S led headlights kit Some of our new products are the G7 and G7S led headlights kit. This is our newest product and what makes this different from all the led headlight products is the perfect light beam pattern. The LED chips on G7 and G7S are 2mm wide, and 4mm long Philips ZES, while the filament on an H11 halogen bulb is approximately 4-5mm long, and 2mm wide, we are prototyping the small led chips that approximate filaments. Well, the LED array on G7 and G7S are designed to simulate the filament in halogen bulbs – creating a closely matched beam style. This means you’re going to get a really nice output, pattern right here throws light down the road where you need it to be safe rather than just kind of throwing light everywhere. The benefit of G7 and G7S led headlights kit Another benefit is the headlight bulb and driver are totally waterproof. And we have a big thick copper PCB whi...

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Published by admin11 18,2017

Welcome to Visit Our Booth On 2017 Automechanika Shanghai Fair

Hello Guys, This is Cary, I am with Ledoauto. 2017 Automechanika Shanghai Fair was held as scheduled at the end of November. We attend the appointment. Welcome to visit our booth while the booth number is 4.2K83. LedoAuto is known for the high-intensity standard led headlight and we are now known as the CANbus led bulbs. For 2017, Ledoauto is gonna have the chrome canbus led light bulbs. This is a series of high performance led interior and exterior led lights. They are anti-flicker and the EMC for anti-interference are included in the bulb. Each bulb includes 6 pcs of 1.1mm*1.1mm 5W Y11 CSP led chips which can give you 300 lumens output for T10 bulbs, 800 lumens output for T20 bulbs and over 1100 lumens output for fog light bulbs. Bulbs are designed with chrome style surface for better heat dissipation. And the special LED array is to simulate the filament in halogen bulbs – creating a closely matched beam style. This would be the ultimate solution to exterior led replacement b...

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