Published by Ava11 13,2018

The Guide to Upgrade SKODA KODIAQ Reverse Light

SKODA KODIAQ models in the Chinese market are housing with single reserve light, while KAROQ, Octavia, Superb are designed with double reserve light. Single reserve light is enough for the hatchback vehicle but does not fit the wide vehicle body of SUV design. It is not bright enough as a warning signal and the rear lighting.   The rear light of SKODA KODIAQ in Europe market is assembled by Valeo. It consists of reserve light and fog light, which can be brought from the shopping web and can be installed into the vehicle directly but with a little expensive. This type of rear light can save lots of time for whom do not want to make the manual retrofit.     The second method for replacement is to use led reserve light, but it needs to open the rear light housing and drill a hold on the reflector bowl to fix the led bulb. The rear light is sealed by cold glue which needs to bake in the oven in order to open the assembly. Then put the w16w canbus LED bulb in the housing,...

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Published by Ava11 08,2018

Quality Custom LED Truck Lights Wholesale

As the expert in LED headlights, LedoAuto always meets the quality standards. We rigorously test quality without any compromises and optimum light output levels, even in the harshest weather conditions. This ensures that our long-lasting, robust products not only prevent annoying and costly standstill time but are also significantly brighter for your own safety on the road.   Good visibility is the most important criterion for road safety. We carry the most complete LED replacement bulbs for any cars, SUVs or trucks and wide selections of LED lighting accessories such as LED headlight lights, LED daytime running lights, LED turn signal lights and LED fog lights, etc. In this month, we present a brand new led headlight to the market named V6 LED headlight. This is the led headlight kit customized for a truck with the advantages below:     Allow 6V – 36V working voltage   Most of the led headlight on the market now are designed with 24V working voltage and 28V –...

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Published by Ava10 31,2018

Volkswagen Passat B7 Upgrade with P21W Canbus Led Turn Signal Light

Volkswagen Passat B7 have OEM Valeo headlights with the beautiful beam pattern that offers a long distance lighting vision at night driving. At the same time, DRL, rear lights/brake light has nice performance and quality as well. However, the brightness of the turn signal light is not enough. The turn signal light of B7L should be designed to be LED strip light, but Passat B7 still housing with factory halogen bulb.   We use turning light frequently when driving a car. If the turning light using with a LED bulb which is made in high brightness, stable and fast start light source, it would be easier to get the pedestrians and driver’s attention whatever driving at daytime or nighttime on road. Especially, in highway or in the rainy and foggy day, we usually use turning light when changing the lane or use the light in double flicker when we intend to reduce the driving speed. Many LED turn signal lights are eye-catching and fast on/off which is beneficial to get the rear cars’ at...

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Published by Ava10 26,2018

Are F2 LED Headlights Worth buying? (Test & Review 2018)

F2 led headlight was launched on September 2017. it is a high performance led headlight with fan, the double beam led bulb are designed with 4 CR CSP led chips while single beam led bulb has 2 pcs of CR CSP LEDs. The maximum light output of F2 led bulb can reach 6000 lumens.   The F2 bulb is housing one PCB board in middle with opposing LEDs on two sides that decrease the distance between two side LEDs. With this special design, it can make the thickness of light source close to the tungsten filament of the halogen bulb.   The F2 headlight using a small size fan is easy to install which would not influence to mount the dust cover. The bulb of F2 used 6003 Aluminium alloy with a decent surface treatment that creates a good texture for the bulb. Its operating power can up to 36W which will have a better canbus performance than the common 25W led headlight.     Next, we test the F2 led headlight performance, the reviews are shown as below:   LED Bulb Operating...

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