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Honda Odyssey Ungrade LED Turn Signal Light

2,254 Published by Ava 11 20,2018

The fifth generation of the Honda Odyssey still holds the title of the most popular minivan in America for eight straight years and wants to continue doing so for the 2019MY. It is a great minivan very spacious inside and has a great look on the outside. Some guys want to make their Honda Odyssey personal and changing car lights to LEDs is the easiest way for you to make you have a bright look and being outstanding from the rest.


This Honda Odyssey show as below was retrofitted with BA15S CANBUS LED. The amber led bulb has the same color temperature as the halogen bulb. Its light output is 200% brighter than the halogen bulb. The built-in canbus function can help the led bulb and the OBC fit quietly well. Upgrading to led turn signal light would make a great change for your Odyssey that has driven for many years. At the meantime, LED as a fast start light source, it would be easier to get the pedestrians and driver’s attention whatever driving at daytime or nighttime on road, especially, in highway or in the rainy and foggy day. It would be a safe and efficient upgrade for you.


ba15s canbus led

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