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The Guide to Upgrade Lexus IS350 Reverse Light

1,608 Published by Ava 11 21,2018

Just installed a pair of 4700K ultra bright LEDs for reverse lights on my client’s 2015 Lexus IS350. This photo will tell you how nice the looking is.


It’s really simple to reach the back-up or reverse lights. Open up the trunk. On the exterior of the taillight there are 2 small plastic tabs that cover a 10mm screw. The trunk lid covers them up, make sure that’s why you have to open the trunk. Remove both 10mm screws as well as give the entire taillight a lip tug towards you. It will pop loosened and come out. Be careful not to damage your bumper. Change the light bulb into the w16w LED canbus bulbs then push the housing back into the vehicle. Put the 2 10mm screws back in and cover, placed the two small covers back, and then you’re done.


Don’t need to concern the lamp out warning. These led bulbs work well fitting in Lexus original OBC control system. And one thing is for certain – these led light bulbs are developed for road safety. It has an advanced integrated inductive drive circuit for superior performance and reliability. Unlike other bulbs on the market, they are built with constant current inductive circuitry, along with transient suppression; It can last for years but not few months.


w16w led canbus

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