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Blade Led Headlight Test Report

5,651 Published by Ava 10 18,2018

This is Blade led headlight which was launched on May 2018. Its double beam led bulb was designed with 24 pcs of SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED CHIPS, while the single beam led bulb was designed with 12 pcs of SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED CHIPS. Take the H11 led bulb single beam as an example, its length is 87.3mm, the width of its heat sink is 32mm. For the bulb body part, the length is 41.9mm and the width is



Besides, the distance between opposing LEDs is 2.54mm, almost equivalent to the filament width of factory halogen bulb, which is 2mm. Generally, its volume is relatively compact compared to others fanless led headlights.



The heat sink of Blade led headlight using 6003 Aluminum alloy, heat sink and bulb body are integrated by the hot pressing process for better heat dissipation, which can’t be disassembled.


LED Bulb Operating Temperature Testing :


Testing the led bulb with 13.5-volt power supplied for 30 minutes and the room temperature is about 25 degrees, the led bulb surface temperature is as below:



The temperature of the led bulb at the beginning | The temperature of led bulb after 30minutes


The temperature of the driver at the beginning | The temperature of the driver after 30minutes


The operating temperature of led chips keep at about 110 degrees, the junction temperature of SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED is 145 degrees, which isn’t higher than the led bulb junction temperature.

SEOUL CSP-Y19 LED official specification PDF:


Flux (Lumen) Output Testing:


The raw lumen data is 4000 lumen. We have tested a led bulb in integrating sphere for 30 minutes, The statistical lumen data are as follows:



A LED BULB emits 1778 flux (lumen) at the beginning ( around 3556 flux for a kit); and emits around 1250 flux (lumen) in 30 minutes ( around 2500 flux for a kit).


Light Beam pattern testing:


We test in 4 meters from the wall. And take the photo by SLR camera in setting ISO: 100, Shutter Speed: 10, Exposure: 10. Get the beam pattern distribution graphic as below:


A single Blade led headlight bulb is measured at 1485 lux inside the headlight housing. B50L is measured at 151 lux.

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