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Are M3 Halogen Size Led Headlight Bulbs worth buying? (Test & Review 2019)

9,208 Published by Ava 04 04,2019

M3 led headlight was launched on March 2019. it is a high performance led headlight with High-speed turbo fan, the high beam led bulb is housing with 12 pcs Lumileds ZES chip and low beam led bulb has 6 pcs of Lumileds ZES chip. The maximum light output of M3 led bulb can reach 5000 lumens (a set of led headlight). Its appearance is close to the halogen bulb.

M3 series bulb is housing on a 1.5mm extremely thin copper PCB board with opposing LEDs on two sides that decrease the distance between two side LEDs. With this special design, it can make the thickness of the light source close to the tungsten filament of the halogen bulb. Emitting ECE/DOT standard light beam pattern in reflector headlight housing without any dark spot.

The M3 headlight equipped with a high-speed cooling system, which can make the bulb body in a stable condition with a 1300 rpm fans. It is easy to install as well, that would not influence to mount the dust cover. The bulb of M3 used 6003 Aluminium alloy with a decent surface treatment that creates a good texture for the bulb. Its operating power can up to 25W, produce 2500 lumen each bulb.

Next, we test the M3 led headlight performance, the reviews are shown as below:

LED Bulb Operating Temperature Testing :

Testing the led bulb with 13.5-volt power supplied for 30 minutes and the room temperature is about 21-22 degrees, the led bulb surface temperature is as below:

The temperature of bulb body at the beginning | The temperature of bulb body after 30 minutes

The operating temperature of led chips keep at about 110 degrees, the junction temperature of the Lumileds ZES chip is 145 degrees, the operating temperature of this bulb is set in a reasonable range.

Light Beam pattern testing:


We test in 3.5 meters from the wall. And take the photo by SLR camera in setting ISO: 100, Shutter Speed: 10, Exposure: 10. Get the beam pattern image as below.
Install M3-H7 led headlights in factory headlight housing,

Halogen H7 low beam | M3 H7 low beam

Halogen H7 high beam | M3 H7 high beam



M3 H7 installed with a reflector, its brightness of the center can reach 3359 LUX while the maximum center brightness of halogen is 2823 LUX.



The brightness of M3 headlight would be out of your expectation if you are chasing for higher brightness and convenience installation. This series item performs a plat cutoff without dark spot, its good light distribution is suitable for your replacement. With a similar halogen size, that would satisfy your requirement for convenient installation and an elegant appearance.

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