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Genuine G7 PK Fake G7 – How to Reduce Product Cost?

5,705 Published by Ava 09 30,2018

I think many people will meet this situation while shopping two similar products but with a great difference on is hard to make a choice for you, because you want to purchase the cheaper one but also worry about its quality as well.

It is saying that you get what you pay. This is the best description of the current electronic products industry condition in China. Even high-value product like the laptop, or a cheap product like power bank or led light, we can find many similar products from different manufacturers. How can we identify which one is good and which one is in bad quality? We should take the product shell apart to see what kind of electronic component they used inside. In this way, we can understand the reasons why the suppliers always say that the price they offered is the best price and couldn’t be low, while another supplier can casually offer you a price cheaper 5USD, or 10USD.

On our last post: How to Identify Genuine G7 or Fake G7 LED Headlight Conversion Kit? We teach you how to identify our G7 led headlight and fake G7 led headlight. After reading the article, some clients also ask us a question, these are just some small difference on appearance and craft, we don’t mind so much, could you tell us what is the biggest difference between your G7 and copied G7 on the market? Or in other words, why are their copied G7 cheaper than yours? Do you really make a great profit from it?

On this post we’d like to explain to you, what are the difference between the genuine product and copied product, the high price product and cheap price product.

Firstly, We take apart the copied G7 headlight, analyzing its core component and driver, the separate part is shown below:

Philips G7 led headlight
This is the circuit board of driver, which is also the control center of led headlight kit.

The MOS, inductance, diode and capacity are the most expensive electronic components on the circuit board. After comparing the two circuit board, we can notice that their inductance, diode and capacity are in a great difference.

– Different level inductance
On Genuine G7, our inductance is using integrated inductance while the inductance on copied G7 is using winding inductance.
– The diode
There is a double quantity of our diode which is in 2A current with precision welding. Although we don’t know their diode specification, we can see a terrible welding from the picture. If one of the diodes is disconnected, no one can expect what will happen of the hell.
– The capacity
From the picture, you would find that the genuine one is in a professional and precise design, compared to the fake one, it is in a rough handcraft.

We can save money from each electronic component to reduce the product cost at least 5 USD. Many clients always ask us whether we can make G7 be cheaper or not? Yes, of course. If you need a lower price, we can use recycle the MOS, inductance, diode and capacity. The product cost could be saved at least 12 USD. But if we do that, is it really a good quality product for you that you want to use in your vehicle? Is it beneficial for both you and us? I think all of you will have an answer for yourself.