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Custom Automotive 12 Volt Led Lights, H2 Led Bulb

550 Published by Ava 07 30,2018

This was an inquiry from our client, asking us for an H2 base Led bulb. He was looking for H2 base led bulb used on 12V automotive. And as what he said, he has contacted many suppliers, but nobody had this kind of h2 led bulb. So he wished if we could help him to develop an H2 base led bulb with detailed specification. As the custom car led lights company, we were willing to take this project.

We customized the H2 base for LED bulb according to the bulb size of H2 halogen and integrated it with our 3030 SMD led bulb for supplying the outstanding performance and ensure the convenience on installation. After the client confirmed the sample, we have manufactured and delivered the cargo of stock order to the client.

In this project, we are very enjoyed that we can help our client to solve their problem and we are closer. We wish you can tell us if you have any requirement on led car light product, maybe, the thing you are troubled can be solved by us.

Custom Car Led Lights, H2 Led Bulb

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