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Upgrade Halogen Headlight to LED in VW Golf, We have the Best Solution

172 Published by Ava 07 30,2018

We have a VW GOLF which is used for taking led bulbs installation video. When we tried to upgrade the halogen headlight to LED, we found that it was very hard to install the led headlight on. The reasons are as below:

  • The power supplied structure of headlight bulb in this vehicle is very special. Unlike the normal H7 bulb which will connect to an H7 base plug, the H7 bulb in VW Golf will get power supplied by connecting with a plug adapter. The LED headlight cannot be plugged on the adapter because of different bulb size and structure to a halogen bulb. So we have to cut the wires and connect a new plug for a led headlight.


car custom lights

  • There is a CANbus issue when installing led headlight. The led headlight would flicker 5 times when starting the automotive.


As a custom LED Car Lights company, our R&G Team thought we should custom a led headlight for VW GOLF to solve the problem. At the beginning of this year, we have successfully released the 1st VW GOLF exclusive led headlight kit. We spent a lot of time in testing and comparing the light distribution with the advanced optical performance design software. Finally, this version of Optics was decided, it is suitable for the factory reflector. The beam patterns are wider and brighter than the OEM halogen headlight bulb.

car custom lights

After producing the first product, we supply it to our Germany and Belgium cooperative clients for the test in cars. The feedback came back quickly. Installation experience is awesome; they just take several minutes to change halogen headlight to LED in VW Golf compared 2-3 hours at the past. But one thing they mentioned, the edge of it is too slippery and easy to slip when being installed. So we made the improvement by adding the sawtooth on the edge of the bulb.

car custom lights

Now, the clients are satisfied with our VW Golf OEM FIT led headlight both in the installation and performance. We have the cooperated agents in several countries.

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