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Super Canbus LED Turn Signal Light Fix Hyper Flash Issue

5,260 Published by Ava 07 31,2018

Over the years, there have been customers’ feedbacks on the market, demand for a plug and play led turn signal light to upgrade their factory halogen headlight. But most of led turn signal light in the market need to match with a resistor so that it can reach the power level of factory halogen bulb. It is inconvenient to install a resistor as well as unsafe because the operating temperature of the resistor is much high. Someone ever released one kind of led turn signal light with a built-in resistor, as the heat from built-in resistor goes up, working temperature increases to higher than LED’s junction temperature, which caused a high defective rate and poor market feedback.

canbus led flicker

Therefore, we started to develop a play and plug led turn signal light with enough power, reasonable operating temperature and easy installation for customer’s requirement.

Firstly, our preliminary idea is to use plenty of led chips to improve the bulb working power instead of a built-in resistor. By comparison, LEDs can convert most electricity to light energy, and only a little electricity to heat energy, while the resistor will convert most of the electricity into heat energy. If used the led chips to replace the resistor, the operating temperature of the led bulb can decrease a lot. During the R&D process, we also noticed that the yellow led chip cannot reach our power requirement. Then we try many LEDs from different suppliers, we choose to use 1600K LED chips. The 1600K wavelength is similar to the amber halogen bulb, so it can take place to the amber halogen bulb.

canbus led flicker

Next, we made the mold design and produced samples for testing, continuously aged for 24 hours in a high-temperature box. We launched the 1st Gen super canbus turn signal light after ensuring the product without any issues. We supplied the 1st Gen led turn signal light to some of our long-term cooperated clients to sell it on their local market and aiming at collecting the feedbacks from customers for the follow-up improvement.

The most common feedback from the customer is, the 1st Gen super canbus turn signal light it is too bright. Yes, 66 pcs of LEDs will emit around 2000 lumen output. It is too glared for turn signal light. Based on the feedback, we made the second development for adding two covers on the led turn signal light. The covers can block out a part of light to reduce the lumen and improve the cooling performance. At the same time, we supply 6500K, 3000K and 1600K LEDs models for selection.

canbus led flicker

The 2nd super turn signal light is released to the global market, the feedback is better than before. At present, we are developing the 3rd super canbus turn signal light to make it smaller for convenient installation. You can expect it.

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