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Led Headlight Decoder H4 for Supplier

Product Specification:

  • Voltage 9~16V
  • Power Input 5~75W
  • Power Output 55±10W
  • Ambient Temperature -40°C~85°C
  • Working Frequency 150KHz

Fit for all cars and bulbs to solving the error-free issue, without installing various CAN-bus decoder for a test. One is enough. Solve out all the CAN-bus decoder existing issues, universal for LED and HID.

Led Headlight Decoder H4

– Versatility

It can meet the requirements for the HID and LED. Design with a strong versatility to fit the rapid start ballast and common existing ballast, even for LED headlight, LED fog light, etc.

– Low temperature

Compared to other competitors, the new decoder of high CAN-bus capability with low heat dissipation, that is less than 55°C working temperature, no additional resistor.

– Safe decoding

Matching the power output automatically and supporting the load with 5-75 watts. Power input visually adjusted to 55±10W (in the range of 5~75W)

– Troubleshooting

Anti-EMI for audio, radio and anti-theft alarm. HM1S meets the requirements of CRISP25 Class. It can solve the error on dashboard, flicker or strobe when the engine is started, light off during driving, damage of ballast, LED, wiper or computer system by partial AC supply.

Led Headlight Decoder H4

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