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Atom 9006 Led Bulb | All Product at Wholesale Price

Product Specification:

  • Item No. Atom-9006
  • LED Quantity 2PCS-HGL4
  • Voltage DC6V-32V
  • Beam Angle 360°
  • Current 1.2A±0.1A
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- Halogen Bulb Size, Extremely Compact,
- 4000 Lumens brightness, Comply to ECE standard Beam Pattern,
- Aircraft Aluminum Heat Sink, Stable and long-lasting,
- Insert intelligent temperature control system

1.16 watts per bulb produce around 4000 lumens, a small size close to a halogen bulb, simulated the thickness and lighting position of a filament in halogen headlight bulb

2. Plug and play for a convenience install experience, emitting ECE/DOT standard light beam pattern in reflector headlight housing without any dark spot.

3. Design with aircraft aluminum heat sink, creating a stable heat dissipation function, a long lifespan for Atom LED bulb use in a vehicle

4. Atom LED Headlight bulb can apply to 99% vehicles on the market, with low return rate, low bad reviews and low after-sale cost, providing you a reliable user experience and helping you increase the rate of acclaim for business

Atom 9006 Led Bulb | All Product at Wholesale Price

9006 led bulb9006 led bulb9006 led bulb

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