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Y2 Bi-Led Projector Headlight Lens | 2.5-Inch

Product Specification:

  • Application Universal
  • Color Temperature 5500k
  • Light Source Imported light source
  • Low Beam 8000 Lux@3m
  • High Beam 12000 Lux@3m
  • Power 60 Watt

#1 Compact Design & Easy Install

Y2 bi-led projector has the threaded mounting shaft on the backside for somebody who wants something that is fairly easy to install. 3-inch and 2.5-inch design enable easy mounting for 99% up of vehicle, additionally, the shaft makes the upgrade even more convenient.


#2 Optimized and Boosted Beam Pattern

Low bean has a clear, even cut-off line with a boosted Center hotspot ensuring driving focus area is 100% Lit up. Also, the low beam is designed with a most popular bad shaped bean pattern, which is preferred by many car owners. The high bean comes with an additional boost by individual. Small light reflector, result in a small pound boosted lighting area in the beam output, as many people call it -the small Sun. No matter in width or length of the light output, Y2 is the best choice.


#3 Unique Designs and Market Protection

Y2 is uniquely designed and copy right protected. you can sell with confidence and don’t worry someone offering same project lens at a lower price.


#4 Hot Selling

Y2 bi-led project lens sells well in many markets for the price and performance. It is one of the high-volume products for automotive retrofit projects. It is a must-have project lens.

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