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XBright X7 Bi-Led Projector Headlight Lens

Product Specification:

  • Item No. XBright-X7
  • Working Power 44/45 Watt
  • Lumen 4500 LM
  • Color Temperature 5500-6000K
  • Product Type 3-Inch Bi-Led
  • Product Size 83*104*140mm

#1 Hella5 Standard Mounting, Perfect for AFS

X7 Bi-led projector headlight is built to have Hella5 standard mounting and fit for Visteon AFS mount and Valeo AFS mount. It is all-in-one design and 0.8in shorter end than original AFS projector lens, saving more installation room and fitting more vehicles.


#2 Gear Type Hi/Lo Switching Device

Compared to most competitor using electromagnetic switching device, we use gear type switching device on X7 bi-led projector. It is touch-and-go response, 25000 time continuous high/low beam switching quality guarantee.


#3 Industry-grade Build-in Driver

Most competitors use consumer-grade electronic components, X7 bi-led projector is built with industrial-grade build-in driver, It is stable under high temperature in long use; anti-shock mounting type assembly; full protection of short/reverse circuit and wide/surge input.


#4 Multi-reflector Optics

X7 projector is built with 1 LED chip for light source and 4 optical surfaces for light recombination. This is our exclusive solution to improve light efficiency and maximize the use of light source.


#5 Warranty Service

3 year warranty to offer new headlights to replace the broken one, benefit to your after-sale-service.

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