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XBright X5 Bi-Led Projector Headlight Lens

Product Specification:

  • Item No. XBright-X5
  • Working Power 40 Watt
  • Color Temperature 5500K
  • Low Beam 3200LM
  • High Beam 3600Lm
  • Waranty 2 Years

#1 40W 5500K 3-inch Bi Led Projector Headlight

X5 3-inch bi led projector is powered by 40W led matrix and emitting 5500K sunlight spectrum.


#2 Big Ball Shine Advanced Optics

AR-Coated Optically clear lenses maximize intensity throughout, and keep the ECE-slope cutoff line sharp. Featuring big ball shine advanced optics on low beam and wide paving effect on high beam.


#3 Non-destructive

It is easy to install, which means you do not have to do a lot of cutting to your headlight reflectors, but simply insert the projector throw the existing hole. This bi led projector comes with a mounting shaft with thread, which allows an easy fitting to the existing h4, h7, h11, 9005, 9006 bulb hole, the length of the shaft is made for a tight grip on the bulb holder.


#4 Technology

Intelligent temperature control. When the temperature is too high, the power will be automatically reduced to achieve a short-term cooling and protect the lamp body, so the service life is long.


#5 Warranty Service

2 year warranty to offer new headlights to replace the broken one, benefit to your after-sale-service.

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