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Ultra-Fit H7 Led Headlight Bulb

Product Specification:

  • Item No. UF- H7
  • LEDs 2PCS-GC
  • Power 26W@13.2V
  • Current 2.0A±0.15A
  • Voltage DC11V-18V
  • Lumen 5400LM

#1 Shorten L Shape Plug 

The length of L shape plug is shorten to 3.961cm, close to the 3.940cm L shape length of halogen bulb . The new custom shorten plug help to fix some compact headlamp installing problem, similar to Ford F150.

#2 No Electro-Magnetic Interference

According to ECE standard, car headlight bulb should not have electro-magnetic interference to car radio, parking sensor, Ultra-fit is designed to comply to ECE standard and have no ESI, keeping you safe driving.

#3 32 Watt at 13.2V

The Ultrafit led headlight bulb is powered with 2pcs of GC LEDs, which can emit 5500LM to provide a nice light beam pattern with flat cutoff line.


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