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Smartune 9005 Led Headlight Bulbs

Product Specification:

  • Item No. Smartune-9005
  • Light Color 6500K
  • Watt 18W
  • Current 1.35A±0.1A
  • Voltage DC 9V-32V
  • Lumen 4600LM

Smartune is the next level Plug & Play Led Headlight bulbs thanks to the structure design of 360° tunable grip. The bulb stem go through from top to bottom. Make you have the ability to adjust the angle by instant hand tuning instead of screw fixing.

  1. 360 degree free instead of certain fixing angles – Light Angle Optimized
  2. Instant hand tuning instead of screw fixing – No More Tools or Glue
  3. Adjust angle after collar fixed and plugged – A Great Time Saver

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