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H11 Led Replacement Bulb | 4500 Lumen-2 Years Warranty

Product Specification:

  • LedoAuto Model G7P-H11
  • Power 50W/Set (25W/bulb)
  • Voltage DC9V-32V
  • Lumen 4500lm/Set (2750lm/bulb)
  • Color Temperature 6500k
  • Beam Angle 360°


Product Idea
While developed G7 Plus led headlight, our purpose wish to solve the installation problem on some vehicles. When visiting Amazon, search “led headlight bulbs” and click the items with hundreds or thousands of reviews, we will notice that they all have around 9% 1-start bad review. And read one by one of these 1-start reviews, most of them are complaining the unfit problem. Why does the led headlight unfit to their cars? Perhaps we can summarize three main reasons: (1) CANbus problem; (2) Heatsink is too long so that the dust cover can’t be put back on after installation; (3) the hole in the back of reflector is not in the center of headlight housing, when installation, the heat sink will be stuck by the edge of headlight housing and can’t be installed on. Well, for solving the existing problem, we make the offset heat sink for G7 Plus. It is similar to L shape structure; the aluminum heat sink is partial to one side, which can solve the (2) and (3) unfit problem above, as well as better for the air flow in and exhausting hot air out of opposite side. Less 1-start reviews, less customer service cost, less sales return, more money you earn.

Light Beam Output
The double-sided PCB of G7 Plus is only 2.4mm thick, which allows the opposing LEDs to be positioned close to the center of the bulb, so it can simulate the halogen filament to focus the light beam in the headlight with advanced optics. CSP (chip scale package) LEDs offer a perfect distribution of light and plenty of visibility for the user on the road.

While the whole market is busy with offering the common Amazon-hot-selling product; we are supplying you the led headlight in performance, in function as well as in style. It is deserved the slot in your catalog and the space on your shelves for helping you satisfy the part of market demand that you can’t serve before.

The G7 Plus LED headlight uses a copper heat pipe to draw the high temperature out of the LED chip and down toward the heat sink in the base. The aluminum heatsink achieves efficient heat dissipation through its large area of heat radiation. Compared with a fan-cooling LED headlight; it can work effectively for a longer period of time without affecting the lifespan of the headlights due to aging of the fan.


Many Led headlights we have seen now have no hotspot in the light beam pattern, or are not reliable that will stop working in just a few months. The G7 Plus LED headlight offers a true upgrade in performance, with optically correct output while shines more light in the hotspot when installed, without adding extra glare on the road. The Lumileds (Cree LEDs Optional) emit in a true white 6500 K color temperature, for a modern and OEM-style LED appearance.

Tested and Verified

From the high-temperature solder paste, to the Aluminum castings, every part of the the G7 Plus H11 led replacement bulb was designed for reliability. It was put through its paces in our environmental testing chambers, through dozens of thermal cycles, from -40 to 150 degrees Celsius. The G7 Plus is a durable, reliable bulb.


LedoAuto Model #: G7P-H11
Led Chips: 16PCS-CSP
LED Brand: LumiLEDS ZES / CREE / CSP for Options
Power: 50W/Set (25W/bulb)
Voltage: DC9V-32V
Lumen: 4500lm/Set (2750lm/bulb)
Center Hotspot Lux: 3560 lux at the beginning, 3248 lux in 2 hours (Test in 4 meters)
Color Temperature: 6500K
Certificates: CE, RoHS, IP67 Waterproof
Packing: Neutral Box, OEM Packing Box
Warranty: 2years

H11 Led Replacement Bulb | 4500 Lumen-2 Years Warranty

h11 led replacement bulb


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