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Emergency Road Flare Signal Led Light | Additional Warning Light

Product Specification:

  • Mode One Yellow light flashes
  • Mode Two White light stays on
  • Power 3W
  • Waterproof IP64
  • Battery 9V/250mA
  • Operating temperature -20℃~ 50℃

The emergency road flare signal Led Light is an invaluable safety ally in the event of an incident or accident, warning others road users immediately in the event of an issue on the road network, by day or by night.

It has two light-emitting modes, yellow light flashes and while light stays on.

With it magnets, it can be fitted in seconds to the roof of your vehicle or to the fuel tank of your motorcycle. The high-visibility warning light flares 360 degrees and its 1000-metre range ensures your safety even before you get out of your vehicle, unlike a regular warning triangle.

Its compact size means that car drivers can easily store it in the glove compartment or other stowage compartment, while motorcyclists can store it under their seat or in a backpack.

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