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7443 Canbus Error Free Led Bulb T20

Product Specification:

  • LedoAuto Model B73T20SELS0901-CCNW
  • Led Chips 9*SEOUL CSP
  • Voltage 10V-30V
  • Current 1000±100mA
  • Lumen 1000LM
  • Color Temperature 6500K (White)
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High Power 7443 CANbus LED Light

12W power output almost reaches the output level of an OEM 7443 bulb, to solve existing CANBus problem,
the best choice as an upgrade of your car light.

Intense Bright Light

1000 Lumen high intense white led light, the strongest canbus error free led reverse light on the market.

Aluminum Heat Sink

adopted “large aluminum heat sink” to enhance heat radiation performance

Thermo Senser & Temperature Control Unit

The built-in IC is programmed to lower down power output when ambient temperature up to a critical
value, to well protect a bulb from any risk of damage caused by overtemperature.


LedoAuto Model #: B73T20SELS0901-CCNW
Led Chips: 9*SEOUL CSP
Voltage: 10V-30V
Current Output: 1000±100mA
Lumen: 1000LM
Color Temperature: 6500K (White)
Warranty: 18 Months
Certificates: CE, RoHS

7443 Canbus Error Free Led Bulb T20

canbus error free ledcanbus error free ledcanbus error free led

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