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Atom-E Pro 5202 Led Headlight Bulbs

Product Specification:

  • Item No. AtomE-P 5202
  • LED Quantity 4220 Automotive grade chip
  • Power 13W
  • Voltage DC9V-32V
  • Current 1A±0.1A
  • Light Color 6000K

1, From Atom-E to Atom-E Pro, the Atom-E Pro has a higher conversion rate at same power output.

2, From 2121 CSP to 4220 Flip-chip, Atom-E Pro is 150% brighter than the Atom-E at same power output.

3, The Atom-E Pro has a Slimmer lighting approach, which is more close to the size of the thickness and lighting position of a filament in halogen headlight bulb, providing 120% longer lighting throw range.

4, The Atom-E Pro has a Smaller dimension than Atom-E, which is extremely Compact; plug and play.


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