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Led Headlight Kit Solution On The 120th Canton Fair

2,325 Published by admin 10 22,2017

The 120th Canton Fair — Ledoauto displayed its most advanced Led headlight technology to share and communicate with each purchaser and manufacturer all over the world.


Simulation-based on 3D tech

Welcome to visit LedoAuto at the 120th Canton Fair. We are showing you our led bulb with fluorescent simulation based on 3D tech. This is a complete solution of automotive led.

led headlight kit

Unlike other bulbs on the market, this series of 3D led bulb has 3D led chip under fluorescent cover. The lighting is crisp and soft, bright but not glare. They are built with constant-current inductive circuitry, along with transient suppression. While more expensive than simple bulbs, this allows fluorescent simulation 3D LED bulb to last for years.

led headlight kit


Another tech on this led bulb is anti-flickering. Super-capacitors are built-in bulb to mimic the way the factory incandescent bulb behaves. While installation, fluorescent simulation 3D LED bulb can directly replace to factory incandescent bulb.

led headlight kit

We offer multiple led colors for your selection. Come to visit our booth and let’s introduce the details to you.

led headlight kit

led headlight kit

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