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Headlight Reboot H4 Led Bulbs | Cost Down, Strength Stays

Product Specification:

  • Item No. Headlight-Reboot-H4
  • Light Output 3300 Lumens
  • Watt 30 Watt
  • Beam Angle 360°
  • Current 2.5A±0.2A
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#1 Cost Down, Strength Stays

Headlight Reboot is made of premium materials, formed and assembled with precise craftsmanship. We make the cost down but promise the lighting strength stay same.


#2 Quality Light Beam Promised

We digitally optimized LED positioning that emulates the original filament location precisely ensures the better optical results. Since the light source is in the exact same spot as the original halogen filament the reflector can direct the light accurately onto the road.


#3 Warranty Service

One year warranty to offer new headlights to replace the broken one, benefit to your after-sale-service.

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