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H4 Led Car Lights – Factory Wholesale Price | Earn Money Back

Product Specification:

  • Item No. M2-H4
  • Power Output 25W
  • Led Chips 4PCS-CR
  • Current H:2.1A±0.1A / L: 2.1A±0.1A
  • Voltage DC9V-32V
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In the currently led headlight aftermarket, most headlights are designed with external driver, their base and the size are too large. That would cause an installation issue because of the limited space in the headlight housing, or the dust cover can’t be mounted back closely.

This series M2 LED Headlight bulb is designed for the convenient installation with its small bulb size and built-in driver. The chuck can be shifted in 360 degrees with its scale line which can improve the adjustable installation correctly. You can adjust the suitable chuck position according to your vehicle housing. Saving time and improving the experience of installation.

2. Counterclockwise and noise
Many clients complained about the noise while the fan of the led headlight is running.

The fan of M2 LED Headlight bulb is designed with advanced dynamic design, high counterclockwise and low vibration, working out the issue of noise in a safe situation.

3. Heat dissipation
M2 LED Headlight is housing with double layer copper PCB to provide good heat dissipation. It is beneficial to extend the lifespan of LEDs.

4. Light Beam Pattern
M2 LED Headlight bulb can emit a standard light beam with a flat cutoff line while installing in the reflector, high brightness, throw lighting on the road with long distance for the safe driving,

5. Cost performance
There are many different prices in different headlight bulbs. The high-quality headlight bulbs are expensive while the cheap headlight bulb with poor quality and warranty problem.

This series M2 headlight bulb with an appropriate price, high brightness and cost-effective that meets the requirement of low price and quality assurance.

H4 Led Car Lights – Factory Wholesale Price | Earn Money Backh4 ledh4 ledh4 ledh4 ledh4 ledh4 led


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