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HIR2 9012 Led Headlight Kit | Mimic Halogen Beam Pattern

Product Specification:

  • LedoAuto Model Blade-9012
  • Led Chips 12PCS-SEOUL CSP-Y19
  • Voltage DC9V-32V
  • Current L:1.6A±0.2A
  • Beam Angle 360°
  • Color Temperature 6500K
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Slim PCB for a Better Beam Pattern

The HIR2 9012 led bulb has 2.5mm Super slim PCB board between two sides of LEDs, almost equivalent to the filament width of factory halogen bulb, which is 2mm.

CSP LED Light Source Mimic the Filament Length

The LED array is less than 6mm long with all 3 chips. This kind of quality and accuracy in size and placement will keep the focus much better than any other larger chips on the market, resulting in much less scatter, offering clear beam pattern without any dark spots.

Compact Bulb Size for Easy Installation

Mini heat sink with mini cable, it’ll fit right in reflector and projector without having to make any modifications to the dust cap or anything of that nature.

Headlight all Went through a Stringent Qualification Process

5-times QC out of 19 production processes

Fanless Design

Advanced forced convection heat sink design, surface alumite finish, reduce the obstruction of the air layer and increase heat dissipation efficiency.

Warranty Time

2-year warranty to offer new headlights to replace the broken one, the benefit to your after-sale-service.

OEM & ODM Available

We have an excellent design team to offer you design and make the OEM & ODM products.

Additional Services

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Looking for compack LEDs with optically correct output and nice hotspot. Blade hir2 9012 led headlight is a nice alternative to halogen bulb in good price. It shines more light in the hotspot when installed, 130% brighter than halogen bulb.

Tested and Verified

Compact bulb size but still controlled at safety operating temperature. Every part of the the Blade hir2 9012 LED was put through its paces in our environmental testing chambers, through dozens of thermal cycles, from -40 to 150 degrees Celsius. The Blade LED is a durable, reliable bulb.

hir2 9012 led



LedoAuto Model #: Blade-9012
Led Chips: 12PCS-SEOUL CSP-Y19
Power: 40W/Set (20W/bulb)
Voltage: DC9V-32V
Lumen: 4000lm/Set (2000lm/bulb)
Center Hotspot Lux: 3200 lux at the beginning, 3082 lux in 2 hours (Test in 4 meters)
Color Temperature: 6500K
Certificates: CE, RoHS, IP65 Waterproof
Packing: Neutral Box, OEM Packing Box

HIR2 9012 Led Headlight Kit

hir2 9012 ledhir2 9012 ledhir2 9012 ledhir2 9012 ledhir2 9012 led


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